A man from Ulimang, Ngaraard reported missing on Sunday afternoon returned home on his own, safe and sound early Monday morning, confirmed Director Ishmael Aguon of the Bureau of Public Safety.

Stalin Bai, a former employee of PNCC, was reported missing to the police Sunday afternoon. He reportedly left home early Sunday morning and later, his truck was found parked near his store with keys inside and he was nowhere to be found.   A search party was put together and a search for him commenced around Ulimang hamlet to Elab of Ngaraard.   Police interviewed the family but did not join the search pending the 24 hours waiting period.  If he doesn’t return after 24 hours, then the police will conduct the search.

A report says that he returned home early Monday morning safe and sound. No comments from the family on where he went or why he disappeared.  Couple of his relatives expressed relief that the news was good and nothing tragic occurred. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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