The Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, & Tourism will be hosting the upcoming Global Environment Facility (GEF) National Dialogue; a first for Palau. The National Dialogue will be held at Sea Passion Hotel from Wednesday May 3 to Thursday May 4, 2017.

The GEF National Dialogue will allow a wide range of stakeholders reaching from government ministries and agencies, non-governmental/civil society organizations, communities, academic and research institutions, private sector, as well as partners and donors to come together to learn, discuss, agree, or take steps toward agreement on environmental issues across the board in Palau.


This includes information and validation of national objectives, policies, strategies and the means to achieve them; how to mainstream environment in national decision-making; national positions in Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and coordination; incorporating the capital value of environment to national accounting and other issues of interest.

The two day National Dialogue in Palau will cover objectives such as 1.) Promoting in-depth understanding of GEF’s strategic directions, policies and procedures; 2.) Strengthening country coordination and ownership in GEF operations and sharing lessons learned from project implementation; 3.) Achieving greater mainstreaming of GEF activities into national planning frameworks, strategies, coordination and synergies amongst the GEF focal area; and4.) Aligning national priorities to GEF 7.

GEF issues are normally a component of National Dialogues to the extent that the GEF Partnership is one of the sources of financing and support available to the country.

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is a unique partnership of numerous national and international agencies, a financial mechanism for major international environmental conventions, and an innovator and catalyst for action on the environment.

Through its strategic investments, GEF works with partners to tackle the planet’s biggest environmental issues. GEF’s funding also helps reduce poverty, strengthen governance, and achieve greater equality between women and men. As such, they occupy a unique space in the global partnership for a more sustainable planet. [/restrict]