By Rhealyn C. Pojas

 The Ministry of Health (MOH) kicked off its three-day Health Promotion Outreach program today, January 30, in Peleliu State.

The Health Promotion Outreach team will provide health education, screening, immunization, brief interventions, and referrals during the span of the program.


In a press statement furnished to Island Times, the MOH said that among the services they are offering to the general public include home visits and recruitment, immunization, breast and cervical screening, blood pressure checks, blood sugar testing, body mass index (BMI), family planning education, NCD self-management education, nutrition education, alcohol and tobacco prevention, oral health education, STD/HIV screening, 5210 educational campaign and Food Handling Testing.

The venue for the screening and counseling is at the Peleliu Community Health Center (SCHC), the 5210 Campaign will be at the Elementary School while the food handling and presentations will be at the State Office building extension.

The program will last until February 1 and those who have inquiries can contact Shari or Rebecca at Peleliu State Office through 345-2967, or contact Calvin Johanes at the Ministry of Health through 488-2172/4161 or 775-1246. [/restrict]