August 14, 2017-  Two doctors who graduated in June with high honors from I-Shou University, a renowned educational facility located in the Dashu District of Kaohsiung, Republic of China—Taiwan, were sworn in as members of the Ministry of Health (MOH) medical team on Wednesday, August 09, 2017. Doctor Samantha S. Olkeriil and Doctor Rilang Roberto took their “Hippocratic Oath” in an orientation ceremony held at the Belau National Hospital.


The “Hippocratic Oath” is a historical vow taken by physicians affirming their commitment towards working for the benefit of the health of the public. All doctors at the Belau National Hospital were part of the ceremony to witness as well as renew their oaths.

Dr. Olkeriil and Dr. Roberto are the first participants of the joint medical internship program formed between the Palau Ministry of Health and E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University. In a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both institutions

in July 2017, an internship program was outlined that would allow medical students graduating from I-Shou University to complete their internship requirement at Belau National Hospital. The medical interns will practice under the guide of attending physicians from Belau National Hospital and E-Da Hospital. The attending physicians from E-Da Hospital will rotate on a monthly, two-week basis providing expertise in a variety of medical specialties. In addition, the phyisicans from E-Da Hospital will offer medical consultation to patients in Palau.

The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health family welcomes Dr. Olkeriil and Dr. Roberto. We all look forward to working with the both of you! [/restrict]