The  Council of Chiefs is urging lawmakers to conduct further study and use more science in the deliberation of the proposed bill that seeks to permit the harvesting of rabbitfish.

“We have reviewed this bill, and although we think that the concept seems sound, we believe that the committee needs to carefully study the bill and gather all relevant information before making the final decision on whether to recommend the passage of this bill into law, “ Rubekul Belau said in its letter to HOD’s Committee on Natural Resources and Environment.

The council of chief said it is unclear whether a scientific study has been done on the impact of the proposed changes in the law.

It also raised concern about the language of the bill that appears to permit removing of rabbitfish that are carrying fertilized eggs.

The Council of chiefs also said that there should be regulations that govern planned projects that will remove the rabbitfish from its natural marine ecosystem into a different environment. (Island Times)

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