By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

A nationwide assessment on upgrading and maintenance improvements to the national power grid system will be conducted soon.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Palau Public Utilities Corporation will carry out this nationwide assessment on upgrading and maintenance improvements including maintaining transmission lines, distribution lines, and power substations around power line runways.


JICA and PPUC’s goal is to integrate renewable energy sources to the national grid system allowing for cost-effectiveness and lower carbon emissions in providing power to the public.

The assessment’s main targets is to rehabilitate all aged and malfunctioned systems of the over 160 miles of power lines that service the country and outlying states, including their main power plants and substations.

In a meeting with PPUC and JICA, President Remengesau expressed his gratitude to the team saying “I am especially pleased with the progress of this project. With our Official request made in August 2015, I thank JICA for following through with the necessary steps to allow us to begin work today.

I thank the diligent work of PPUC board and staff that facilitated the work enabling our partners to successfully put together such an important and practical assessment plan. With our sewer system and water distribution lines currently undergoing significant upgrades, we certainly look forward to the progress of this project that will greatly improve our national power distribution system, he said. [/restrict]