Contributed photos from Palau Conservation Society

The people of Ngardmau state celebrated its 5th Annual OSCA Day (Ongedechuul System of Conservation Areas) on October 10, 2016.  Celebrations were on the grounds of OSCA Office with students, guests and residents gathered together honoring this day.  Activities included prayer for blessings, speeches, display and voting for entries of essay and drawing contests among students of Ngardmau Elementary School, group singing of the OSCA Theme Song, raffle drawing and lunch.


Congratulations to Ms. Diana Irorou Rechucher, 7th grade student, Ngardmau Elementary School for winning 1st place of the essay contest.  Ms. Rechucher’s prize was a basketful of food with a build your own solar system.  The theme for the essay contest, as provided by the OSCA Day Committee, was “what does conservation mean to me”?  Ms. Rechucher read her essay during the OSCA Day.  Here is a copy of her speech in Palauan language:  A kuk de nguu er ngak ea belkul a conservation (omengereomel) se el domekereu e mesebechakl a meklou a ultutelel klokled me a keled.  Olchotel a omengereomel….A kot ea denguu er a Ngardmau eng ngar ngii a omengereomel er a beluu me a daob.  Ngar ngii ar rangers el mengkar meng diak a ngeiul a ngiidil ngerang ra chelsel a conservation areas.  Tiakid a teletelel a Ngardmau el mengereomel.  A ongerung el olechotel a omengereomel a omelngois el beras.  Se el denguu el mera blik, e sel ki molengois a kelam el beras eng edei el kob er a tal el sils.  Meseleuaisei, eng sebechemam el mengang ra luich el bond el beras er a chelsel a eru el sandei el mechir a udeudel e kuk mo mecherar a beches el beras.  A conservation (omengeriomel) a teletael el kid a rechad ousbech el mengetmokl a keled me a klokled meng diak el bol ngemed el kirel a delengchekled er a chelachang el taem me a ngar medad el taem.  A conservation er a Ngardmau a kot el klou ultutelel el diak, e le de choit a charm er a beluu mea daob e te locha ulukeuad.  Kom kmal mesulang.

Also congratulations to Ms. Tyra Saunders, 4th grade students of Ngardmau Elementary School for winning 1st place of the drawing contest.  Ms. Saunders prize is also a basketful of various food with a draw your own kite kit.

Congratulations to Ngardmau state for celebrating its 5th Annual OSCA Day with activities involving students, communities and residents. [/restrict]