New gas station and convenient store, Shimizu Mart opens on the east coast of Babeldaob, in Ngchesar State, along the Compact Road. Company is part of the PECI Group of companies.

Shimizu Mart, a new convenient store and gas station, opened at Ibedei, Ngchesar, along the Compact Road on the east coast of Babeldaob, right after the Bureau of Agriculture slaughterhouse.

โ€œThis is what was envisioned when Compact Road was designed, to bring development to Babeldaob,โ€ stated Chief Reklai Bao Ngirmang, addressing the small crowd at the soft opening of the business.  He added that the development has been slower than expected but he was glad to see this investment, a sign of developments to come.

The Shimizu Mart which carries IP & E Shell fuel service, is part of the PECI Group of companies under Sam Yoyo Masang family.

In addition to fuel, and other convenient store services, it sells LP gas, has full wifi service, restroom stop, and wide parking. 

Mr. Masang in his remarks said that this is the beginning of the planned investment in the area and that they plan to construct an apartment complex in the area in the near future.  He said that the opening was scheduled earlier but due to covid, construction work slowed down.

The business is a family owned and run business.

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