The newly-constructed national landfill in Aimeliik, measuring 280 meters by 280 meters, is set begin operation as Palau’s new National Landfill within the next month, hopefully by late January or early February, says the Bureau of Public Works.
The Aimeliik landfill has been ready to accommodate 384,898 cubic meters of waste since its ribbon-cutting ceremony in November, and is currently waiting on the contract signing of the trash collection system in the states.
The system will cover trash collection from every state in Babeldaob, to be deposited in the National Landfill. Before the collection system can be launched, however, the contract requires signatures from public schools, residences, and state government offices from all ten states in Babeldaob, a process which has been taking a little longer than originally anticipated by the National Government, particularly due to the holidays. Once it has been certified, garbage trucks from the National Landfill will be able to collect waste on routes through the states and bring it back to the landfill site in Aimeliik.
According to the Bureau of Public Works, the current National Landfill at M-Dock in Koror will be turned over to Koror State following the opening of the Aimeliik landfill, and will continue to be used to accommodate trash from Koror residences until it reaches its full capacity. After it can no longer accommodate waste, the site at M-Dock will be used solely as a recycling center, and all trash will be carried to the new National Landfill in Aimeliik.
The new landfill may be accommodating trash from as far away as Kayangel. Kayangel State Governor Richard Ngiraked has said that he hopes regular boat service can be scheduled from Kayangel to Koror, in order to carry trash from the island, much of which washes up on Kayangel’s shores from the ocean. Governor Ngiraked has also said that he hopes the island will be able to procure a trash-compactor, which will help to reduce the waste to a more manageable size so that it can be transported more easily.
The new National Landfill, which was constructed over a two-year period and cost over $10 million, was funded by the Japanese Government, and includes the landfill itself, a circulation system and leachate pond where contaminated water is collected, and a facility where the water is treated.
The site will use the “fukuoka method”, a semi-aerobic waste disposal technology developed in Japan. The method uses bacteria-power to decompose the waste, contain its odor, and reduce its volume. The same method is currently being used at the National Landfill in Koror.
President Tommy Remengesau has called the landfill project “one of the top important infrastructure developments for Palau”, and has praised Palau for having “the best solid-waste management system in the entire Pacific”.

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