A new public radio station is planning to launch later this year in Palau.  KPRG Public Radio Station in Guam in partnership with Palau Community College plans to open a studio in Palau.

“It is a partnership with community college.  We have a similar set up with University of Guam,” explained Mr. Chris Hartig, General Manager of KPRG Public Radio Guam.

Mr. Hartig said this is a dream he has had for nearly 10 years and he hopes to get it to materialize. 

KPRG Public Radio is a public non-profit organization funded by donors and listener subscriptions.  “We don’t get advertisements but we do conduct fundraising events to fund certain programs.  For example, we can say, if you like certain programs to continue, please donate what you can and so on. As a public radio, we can’t solicit advertisements,” added Hartig.

In the partnership, PCC will obtain licensing while KPRG builds a studio, equip it, build towers and provide programmings such as music and programs from BBC and NPR.  He said Palau Community College can do its own programs as well.

“We may invite creative people to develop and submit their programs to be aired.  The station is mostly run by volunteers.” Hartig said.

The radio will be an FM radio and Mr. Hartig said they were still scoping for best locations for towers. Hartig hopes to get the station up and running by year’s end.

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