SUVA, 13 AUGUST 2020 (FBC NEWS/RNZ PACIFIC) — With New Zealand now in lockdown after the announcement of its latest COVID-19 cases – Health Ministry says this raises Fiji’s awareness level.
Permanent Secretary for Health Dr James Fong says it will also mean that Fiji needs to strengthen its existing protocols. Dr Fong said those arriving into our borders will continue to follow the normal testing and quarantine process.
“What it does change is the level of awareness within us. Now that New Zealand has got local transmission. It reminds us of the fact that we will have to strengthen our quarantine facilities – we have to strengthen all our border quarantine measures and we are now going through that process of reviewing and making sure that it remains strong.”
Meanwhile, Fiji’s Health Ministry says it may replicate its Covid-19 quarantine conditions at other non-government sites.
Currently there are about 275 people in quarantine facilities managed by health and military officials.
The Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr James Fong, said there had been requests made for the ministry to use the similar quarantine conditions at other non-government sites.
“The decision to do this is guided by very strict criteria,” he said.
“The main consideration for us is how far we want to spread our resources. The army (RFMF) see the facility or the area that they need to quarantine.
“They work out the logistics of manning that area and they tell us whether or not that area is suitable and can serve as a quarantine facility,” Dr Fong said.
The Health Ministry had confirmed that Fiji now has six active COVID-19 cases remaining in isolation….. PACNEWS

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