October 17, 2022 – Ngarchelong becomes the first state to employ officially named streets adopted through the national street naming and address project under RPPL 10-50 mandating the development of a uniform national street and home address system for the nation.

The state will soon possess an important tool for development in having the ability to assign property addresses that brings about efficiency to essential services.  “Location location location – as the saying goes, is only helpful if you can find the location.” Says David Idip, Senior GIS Analyst at PALARIS. 

As indicated in the law, with technical assistance from PALARIS, state governments have the responsibility of adopting their own street names with official ratification by state legislature.

On September 21, the Ngarchelong State Planning Commission transmitted Ngarchelong State Assembly Resolution No. 20 -31 to PALARIS officially approving and adopting the street names as identified and designated by the Commission.

The main road through Ngarchelong is now called Tarimel Road with connecting secondary and tertiary roads such as Ngriil Court, Tilorch Street, RRenged Lane, Desbedang Street, Badrulchau Lane, Todai Place, and Kiok Lane.

“PALARIS looks forward to working with the rest of the states to complete their street naming and looks to have all of Palau’s streets named by the end of this year.”  Says Neil I. Fisher, Street Naming and Home Address Coordinator at PALARIS.

The project is implemented by the Palau Automated Land and Resource Information System Office (PALARIS) of the Bureau of Budget and Planning in the Ministry of Finance.

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