Ngarchelong General Assembly Speaker Dwight Ngiraibai leads the 5th Gubernatorial Primary Election of Ngarchelong State that was held last Friday, June 24.  Ngarchelong State constitution mandates a primary election take place if there are more than two (2) candidates.

Of the four candidates, Dwight Ngiraibai leads with 185 votes followed by incumbent Governor Richard Ngiratrang with 104 votes.  Former Governor Browny Salvador had 85 votes followed by Curtis Ebobt, a retired US veteran with 74 votes. 

Speaker Ngiraibai is ahead of incumbent Governor Ngiratrang by 81 votes and seasoned Ngarchelong election watchers say that it’s hard to close the gap between the votes as the candidates will more likely split the remaining votes between them.

If no changes occur after the receipt of absentee ballots, incumbent Governor Ngiratrang and current Speaker Dwight Ngiraibai will go head to head in the August 11th General Election of Ngarchelong State. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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