Ngchesar Public Land Authority has offered a parcel of land to the national government to build a new school called Desbedall School and relocate the elementary schools of Melekeok, Ngchesar, and Ngiwal to the new school site.

Ngchesar State Council, in resolution no. 11-18-5, the state council members expressed support for the development of the Desbedall School and agreed with the other two states, Melekeok and Ngiwal, to support the new school.

Melekeok State Government also issued a resolution supporting the new school site and the plans for the school expansion.

Meanwhile, the current Melekeok elementary school site has been under dispute for many years, with a claimant claiming the land was taken illegally and unjustly from his family.

In his recent letter to Minister Jenkins of the Ministry of Education, he questioned the legitimacy of the Ministry of Education’s continued use of his “land” without compensation.  “ With all due respect, you are relying on this obsolete and deceitful “use right agreement” of the TT government by condemning this private property for schooling purposes free of charge. This situation is where the government seizes private property and fails to pay compensation. Why hasn’t this practice been terminated?” stated Ted Joshua in a letter to Minister Dale Jenkins.

“If I do not get a response, I will continue to launch my lawsuit against the Palau government for deprivation of our land, inhumane treatment, and failure to pay land owners just compensation,” added Mr. Joshua threatening lawsuit.

It is uncertain when the construction and relocation will occur, but it is the first time the land was offered to construct the new school.

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