Aimeliik State’s Ngerderar Watershed Conservation Area officially opened its One-Stop-Shop and makit center on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

The site serves as a parking lot for buses and vehicles, bringing visitors to the conservation area.  In addition to the improved parking lot, the State government, along with the Protected Area Network, GEF6, Palau Visitors Authority, Bureau of Tourism, and other private operators, have added public restrooms, a visitor/shop center, and a makit (market) booth for customers.

Kadoi Ruluked, Managing Director of Palau Visitors Authority and member of the Protected Areas Network) PAN Board expressed strong support for the site plan and the services offered, pledging to include the site in its marketing plans and work with the State to improve it.

“This is an example of a one-stop-shop.  A visitor can stop by and use the restroom, buy something, and visit the conservation site,” added Ruluked.  “When you sign the Alii Pass, it will create greater value for your site.”

Palau Visitors Authority represented by Managing Director Kadoi Ruluked and Aimeliik Governor Browny Simer, signed the Alii Pass Agreement during the opening ceremony for the site.

Aimeliik Ngerderar Watershed Conservation Area became a protected areas network site in 2012.  It had high historical and cultural value and significant flora and fauna of both endemic and imported species.  It contained hiking trails, traditional medicinal plant gardens, and a waterfall.  It also connects through mangrove forests and channels to the sea.

The one-stop shop’s makit area opens every Friday, selling local food items and products.

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