The United States spent over $24 million for various activities in Palau from April 2022 to April 2023, reported Jennifer Anson, Palau’s National Security Coordinator.

The funds covered military exercises, training, infrastructure improvements, boats, food, and other supporting activities.  Some activities included catering to the large military hospital ship Mercy while it was here.

President Whipps said the ship would return this year.

“In Peleliu, for example, the work has been going on there for about a year, and the military spent money on room rentals, restaurants, and car rentals, and so on,” added President Whipps.

The same financial windfall is happening in Angaur State, where subcontractors for military projects buy services from the locals and hire locals directly.

The $24 million does not include $130 million for the radar projects, said Anson.  Whipps said he expects the same for Ngarchelong and Ngaraard when the radar projects begin.

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