Dwight Ngiraibai swept up the votes for the Office of Governor of Ngarchelong State, getting 62% of the total votes cast.  Incumbent Governor Richard Ngiratrang got 36% of the total votes cast.  Only 519 votes were cast out of the 1181 total registered voters of Ngarchelong State.

Out of the eight (8) hamlets, seven (7) had unopposed candidates. For Ollei hamlet, Abraham Osima ran unopposed, garnering 95 votes out of the total votes cast.  Other unopposed candidates included Brynn Elilai Demei for Ngermetong hamlet, Alex Siliang for Ngerbau, Ngirablau Sambal for Iebukel, Daniel Aguon for Ngebei, Telei Dingelius for Ngeungel, and Dwight Ngirchemat for Ngriil hamlet.  The one hamlet with two contenders, Mengellakl, Yohei Merur led Dexter Jefferson with 63 to 51 votes.

Ngarchelong 11th General Election also had Constitution amendment proposals on the ballot.  The two proposals included amending Ngarchelong State Constitution Article VII, Section 2 (b), extending the term of the State Assembly (legislature) from two to four years.  The other amended Article XV, Section 1 (b), reducing the percentage of votes needed to amend the Constitution from 75% down to 55%. 

Three hundred seventy-three (373) voted yes to Article VII, Section 2 (b) amendment, while one hundred twenty-one (121) voted no.  For Article XV, Section 1 (b) amendment, 395 voted yes to the amendment, and 102 voted no. 

The legal question remains whether these amendments take effect immediately or after the next general election.  Ngarchelong State Constitution: Article XV, Sections 1(b) states, “ Any proposed amendment ratified by at least three-fourths (3/4) of the voters voting on it during the next general state election shall become part of this Constitution.”

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