A pedestrian crossing the crosswalk in front of Rock Island Cafe toward Palau High School Spider and was struck by a speeding vehicle is awake and recovering despite injuries sustained from the horrific accident.

At around 5 pm on Wednesday, a white sedan speeding down the middle lane toward midtown-Koror, struck a pedestrian, a 43-year-old female Philippine national, at high speed.  CCTV camera footage showed the victim flying across two lanes to fall in front of the Judiciary parking lot.

Police preliminary report said that the victim may have sustained multiple bone fractures, but the extent of the injuries has yet to be reported.

The speeding vehicle also crossed the two lanes to smash into vehicles parked next to the Ikesakes Library of the Judiciary building.

The driver, identified as Rico Rickson Tamlethal, a 35 years-old Yapese national, was arrested.  The police report said the investigation is still ongoing into the cause of the accident.

As of yesterday, a picture of the victim, Ms. Nimfa Caponong was shared on Facebook, looking better than expected.  Reports from people close to Ms. Caponong said that she had serious fractures and would need to be sent out for medical services otherwise may lose her arm. 

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