Ngiwal State Legislature, Kelulul a Kiuluul (KAK), passed a resolution on March 24, 2020 setting Impeachment Articles against Ngiwal State Governor Ellender Ngirameketii and setting his impeachment trial to take place on April 21, 2020.

The resolution was adopted by all members of KAK 13-0 and set the procedure for the impeachment trial.

Resolution cites Ngiwal State Constitution Article VII, Section 6 which states, “Governor may be impeached and removed from office for treason, bribery or other serious crimes, by not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Kelulul a Kiuluul.”

The resolution cites the criminal charges currently filed against Governor Ngirameketii, which it states constitutes “serious crimes”. The charges are also the basis of Article of Impeachments.

Charges include five counts of felony charges involving alleged false Financial Disclosure Statement, five counts of misdemeanor charges involving alleged Ethics violations, six counts of misdemeanor violations involving alleged failure to pay Social Security employer contributions and four counts misdemeanor charges of allegedly engaging in business without valid licenses for years.

These charges form the basis of four articles of impeachment against Governor Ngirameketii.

The impeachment trial is to take place at Ngiwal State Legislature on April 21st.

Members of the Ngiwal State Legislature (KAK) will vote on each of the four articles.  Two-third vote is required for each of the four articles of impeachment and if each article receives 2/3 of the votes, Governor Ngirameketii will be deemed removed from office immediately.

The Office of Special Prosecutor had brought charges of Misconduct in Public Office against Ngirameketii and the case is pending trial.