Ngiwal State has achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of the Ngiwal State Street Naming Project. In line with RPPL No. 10-50, this initiative was a collaborative effort led by the Ngiwal State Planning Commission and Ngiwal GEF6 Planning Team, aiming to identify and assign names to key roads, streets, lanes, ways, and places within the state.

The Ngiwal State Planning Commission and Ngiwal GEF6 Planning Team, in coordination with the Office of the PALARIS of the National Government, conducted a comprehensive process that culminated in a thorough report submitted to the Governor’s office on January 27, 2023. Upon receipt of the report, the Governor’s office conducted a review and subsequently forwarded the Street Naming Project report to the 20th Kelulul A Kiuluul for further review and endorsement. During this review, certain aspects required clarification, including the precise location of Ngetungch and the proposed Lane near the water tank area. Discussions also centered around the naming of the Main Road, which was initially suggested as “Honeymoon Road.” It was identified that this name was more fitting for specific villages, Ngersngai and Ngercheluuk, rather than all villages.

With a commitment to an inclusive approach, the Kelulul A Kiuluul entrusted the Street Naming report to a dedicated committee of the whole to ensure that the final selections align harmoniously with the distinct character of Ngiwal State.

Subsequently, the Rubekul Ngiwal convened and, following thorough examination, deliberation, unanimously approved the following names for the roads, streets, lanes, ways, and places within Ngiwal State: Ngiwal main road is named as Kiuluul Beach Road; road to the new residential area is Ked er Mechau Road; road to the water tank area is Omelsuul Lane; road toward Romeo Teliu’s residence is Tukeruteb Lane; road to the Olsarch is Ngirngemelas Lane; the Kinza Dori road is Kinza Dori Street; road from Sita to Kinza Dor is Skuul Way; and the road to Dort area is Ibtaches Place.

These names were chosen to provide distinct identities to various locations, enabling effective navigation and orientation for both residents and visitors.

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