“There is no suspected case of monkeypox in Palau,” reported Minister Gaafar Uherbelau of the Ministry of Health and Human Services this week.

Guam confirmed its first case of monkeypox last week, and the press release raised community concerns.  Minister Uherbelau and his team, MHHS Epidemiologist Tmur Udui and Dr. Adelbai came out to inform the public about the disease, the risks its poses, and the mitigation measures in place to address it should it arrive in Palau.

Minister Uherbelau said that even though it is a rare disease, it has been spreading worldwide, with most cases reported in the United States as well as some more developed countries.

The monkeypox disease is characterized by fever and rashes that usually have blister-like pustules. 

Anyone that experiences these symptoms is encouraged to contact the Ministry of Health.  Minister Uherbelau assures that Palau has an allocation of vaccines for this type of disease available.  Vaccines for this disease are only administered once a person is diagnosed with the disease, unlike other diseases that require a vaccine before contracting the disease

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