No Quarantine Certificate (QC) will be required by Palau government for travelers travelling to Palau after June 20, stated President Surangel Whipps Jr. at this week’s press conference.

A Quarantine Certificate, a document issued by Palau government, is currently required of all travelers to Palau prior to purchasing an airline ticket.  To acquire a QC, a traveler must first register online, present all necessary documents, before being given the approval or (QC) to travel to Palau.  Without this QC, a person is not able to purchase an airline ticket to Palau.

President Whipps reported that the QC system will not be required after this June 20th flight. “We are trying to ease up the process and so we will give that responsibility to the airlines to check.”

 “We will follow the system US use at this time, where there’s a list of all requirements, such as a person must be vaccinated, have a negative PCR test result 72 hours before boarding, and other tests required by CDC, and it will be the airlines’ responsibility to ensure people meet those requirements and we will just verify when they arrive in Palau.”. 

With Palau having reached 99.7% adult vaccination rate, further efforts are underway to ease up the travel requirements, according to Public Health Director Sher Madraisau.

In addition to doing away with the QC system, testing, quarantine and isolation regulations are being revised to fit the current situation.

One such change will be reduced number of Restriction of Movement (ROM) days from 7 to 5 days.  Number of tests required will also be reduced to just day 7 test.  There will no longer be day 14 test.

MOH will be accepting different PCR platforms testing specimen types, which they say will give more people options and also help to ease travel challenges.

Responsibility to ensure that a person meets all travel requirements will shift to the traveler. Airlines will make sure the traveler has met all requirements such as proof of vaccination and negative test results 72 hours prior to boarding.

“Although CDC no longer requires testing for person that has been vaccinated, we still require it,” says President Whipps.  “It is part of our policy of opening with care.”

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