Number of dogs and dog packs roaming around Koror is increasing posing potential danger and health hazards to the communities. Dog packs are seen crossing busy streets, rummaging through dumpsters and sometimes chase people exercising on the road and kids playing in their neighborhood. Sight of dead dogs on the road hit by vehicles is becoming a regular sight.
Reports of dog attacks are also growing with recent example of young toddler attacked while outside his home with his mother. Another person was attacked by pack of dogs near Sureor Gym in Meyuns and was bitten multiple times.
Program Coordinator of the Animal Control Center in Malakal, also partnered with the Animal Clinic/Shelter, Miyako Lillian Nakasone says “We have many calls every day about dog complaints and sometimes when the kennel is full we have to wait 48 hours for people to come and claim their dogs or call to disown them so they can put the animal to sleep and proceed to capturing more.”
“We lack cages and tranquilizer medicine when going out to the field to capture these dogs so it does get hard to go and get them, we only have two cages because people have stolen them. With limited supply we prioritize capturing dogs that bite” said Program coordinator Ms. Nakasone.
When asked how are they going to deal with the shortage of supply, Ms. Nakasone said they can only wait because their supplies come with the local hospital supplies and because of covid-19, orders get cancelled and they are only limited to few supplies at a time when restocking. They are currently running out of rubbing alcohol for example.
The dog pound captures around 60-100 some dogs a month. The most number of dogs go up to at least 14 in one neighborhood. They announced last week for people to bring in their dogs to spay and neuter them.
One way to reduce number of dogs roaming the neighborhoods and posing potential harm to people, is for dog owners to have their pets spayed or neutered. Contact Koror State animal shelter to find out to get your pet taken care of by the veterinarian.

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