Task Force Koa Moana 20, comprised of U.S. Marines and Sailors from I Marine Expeditionary Force, deployed to the Indo-Pacific to conduct theater security cooperation activities in the Republic of Palau from July to September 2020.

Police officers have been assigned to Peleliu State to secure the airfield, ensure quarantine orders are enforced and the United States marines conducting work on the site avoid community interaction.
Vice President Raynold Oilouch in an interview said that “enough” police officers were sent to Peleliu “to secure the site, to ensure people are safe and that no military personnel leaves the site.”
Task Force KOA MOANA 20, carrying 122 military personnel arrived on Palau on July 21 from California after 20 days at sea.
In a press statement, Koa Moana 20 stated it “planned and adhered to strict COVID-19 mitigation measures to include pre-deployment quarantine, screening, and testing.”
Before boarding the ship to travel to Palau, all personnel tested negative for COVID-19.
The release added that during the transit, the Task Force implemented strict mitigation measures as well.
Upon arrival to Palau, Task Force personnel were retested by the Ministry of Health. All Marines and Sailors tested negative for COVID-19. On July 26, 69 of the 122 service members traveled to Peleliu, to set up camp, and repair the airfield for 14 days and will have no close contact with residents. This will serve as quarantine period.
At the conclusion of the 14-day period, the Task Force will be retested for a third time before having contact with Palau’s residents.
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Stona, United States Marine Corps and Task Force Moana Commander in an interview said in case of a positive test, the military personnel will cease work in Peleliu and will go back to the vessel where they will stay in isolation.
Vice President Oilouch said the planning for the arrival of Koa Moana was done even before the COVID-19 pandemic.
“This requires long planning, so the plans even began last year,” Oilouch said.

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