I dont like that word, obfuscate. Its spelling has too many consonants, four vowels with one silent letter, making a three syllable word. Its complicated as its meaning “making things difficult to understand.”  It reminds me to live simply and to share with others the fascinating things I have found as easily to understand as possible. And be quiet long enough to hear someone else share what she/he found to help me grow. Someone said that “Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found the bread.” I’m thinking of Genesis chapter One, verse one.  Just seven (7) Hebrew words. No complicated equation that only a scientist can understand but simple sentence that simply translated into English “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  If God spoke those words to Moses I need to change how I speak to others.

I’ve been trying to share what I have found about a human mind, emotions, free will, and spirit as best I could. I see that it’s out of a prideful soul, I’ve obfuscated using terminologies, I hate to admit, made me seem highly intelligent. I realized that it was pride talking.  Jesus spoke simpler, telling stories that made sense to his listeners. He even created our universe, placing each star in each place and call each one by name. Astronomers estimate the numbers of stars to be more three hundred billions stars (or galaxies). I forget exactly but it’s astronomical… very large numbers of grest balls of fire in the sky.  We call our star “sils”.

I always felt that something was out of place in my mind, and my emotions were scattered like broken glass all over the place, that I was afraid to choose for fear of sounding impertinent or diak kulengmes ma diak kurrenges a tekoi. I knew myself to be all that plus a broken heart, surrounded by perfect people who misunderstood me. It was like rubbing salt on an open wound. It burned. Why did they do that? Because they were hurting and hurting people hurt others. Aha!

This is the sentence I read somewhere that encouraged me to find healing and to teach and write this column as best I can (paraphrase):  The impact of neglect and all other kinds of abuse is like this,  traveling through time in our bodies, souls (mind, emotions and freewill) and spirits and living long after our individual deaths through the legacies we bequeath to our children and grandchildren and through future generations throughout the world.

Think:  No one with the right mind would say to his 2 year old boy who fell and broke his leg, “O get over it.”  Would you?  I hope not.

A broken heart hurts just as much, if not more than, a broken bone.

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