Olbiil era Kelulau, represented by Ways & Means Committees of both Senate and House, in a letter to Social Security Administration, demands settlement of Civil Action 22-110 it filed earlier against Social Security.

In a letter to Chairman Heflin Bai of the Social Security Administration, OEK said that it seeks to settle the suit amicably and has been informed by its attorney that it will win the case if pursued and expand the case to official misconduct if needed.

In their pursuit of settlement, OEK says it will hold regular informal meetings with SSA to discuss the “safety and security of Social Security Fund.” The preliminary injunction that the court placed on Social Security, keeping them from stopping payment of supplemental benefits until the completion of the trial, will become a permanent injunction.  In other words, the court won’t determine the legality of SSA paying out supplemental benefits while SSA agrees to continue paying the supplemental benefits.

In addition, the settlement demands that SSA provide statements of SSA and HealthCare Fund Investments to OEK when they are received.

Also, the letter states that SSA recommits to audit requirements as established by law.  SSA is audited each year like other government entities and copies of reports are provided to OEK.

The key question of whether OEK can increase or decrease SSA benefits without an actuarial study or decision by the SSA Board of Trustees will not be answered by agreeing to the settlement. 

The security and health of the SSA Retirement Fund, which comes from the earnings of employees and employers and not through government appropriation, will remain in jeopardy until the legal question is settled. 

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