Ms. Johana Ngiruchelbad, representing women’s interest, speaks on the second day plenary of the 2023 Palau Health Summit at the Palau National Gymnasium. The second day plenary session explored the issue of “accelerating social protection programs to improve health equity for vulnerable populations.” The Ministry of Health and Human Services is holding its first health summit, convening diverse stakeholders from the hospital and public health systems, and community partners, to define health equity in the local context and bring to light opportunities for improving health in Palau.

Panelist of the second day of the 2023 Palau Health Summit (l-r): Cassandra Singeru, Omekesang; Eunice Akiwo, Director of the Bureau of Domestic Affairs; Clarence Masayos, President on the Council of Aging; Johana Ngiruchelbad, representing women’s interest, Dwight Alexander, president of Palau Parents Empowered; Mario Retamal, President of the The Filipino Community in Palau; Rondy Ronny, Chairperson of LAIIB; and Lourdes Jack, representing the Belau Foreign Spouses Society.

The theme for this year’s health summit is “Improving health through the lens of health equity.”

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