OEK passed Joint Resolution commending and honorng Ambassador Wallace Chow from the Republic of China-Taiwan to Palau.

In a not-too-common practice, OEK (Olbiil Era Kelulau-Palau Congress) passed a joint resolution honoring Republic of China-Taiwan’s Ambassador to Palau, Ambassador Wallace Minn-Gan Chow, “expressing sincere gratitude for the goodwill and support he shows to Palau.”

Ambassador Wallace Chow wrapped up his tour as ambassador to Palau on October 12 and returned home after over 6 years of diplomatic service overseas to take over the post of Director-General of East Asian Affairs under his country’s foreign ministry.

The charismatic ambassador was an avid diver and a people person who immersed himself in Palau community groups and went out of his way to meet every leader in Palau on regular basis.  In doing so, Chow developed close relationships with many of Palau’s leaders, both elected and non-elected leaders.  This was demonstrated in a well-attended farewell feast hosted by the leadership of both houses of Palau Congress and the Office of the President.

In addition to a Senate Joint Resolution to honor him, Ambassador Chow and his wife received numerous gifts from the Office of the President and the Mechesil Belau and others expressing their high esteem of the ambassador.

Ambassador Wallace Minn-Gan Chow, the 6th Republic of China-Taiwan’s ambassador to Palau, arrived in Palau a little over 3 years ago when the sentiment at the national congress was clearly pro-Peoples Republic China (PRC). A resolution was introduced in the Senate in 2017 to establish ties with PRC and was struck down in 5 to 5 votes in the Senate.  At the time, many of Taiwan’s allies from around the Pacific and the world were cutting their ties with Taiwan and establishing relations with China.

That sentiment had certainly dwindled since then as the Senate Joint Resolution 11-18 “honoring and commending” Ambassador Wallace Chow indicates. 

“We have gone through tough times and Taiwan had supported and helped us.  Thank you our friend.  Please leave with good memories of Palau and leave the bad ones behind,” expressed Senate President Hokkons Baules during the farewell fete held for Ambassdor Chow on Tuesday.

“All the leaders here tonight demonstrate our relationship and their presence during Taiwan’s 110th National Day show strong support of Taiwan,” stated House Speaker Sabino Anastacio at the same event held in honor of Taiwan’s Ambassador to Palau His Excellency Wallace Chow.

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