Police officers who are also legislators of their respective states have until December of this year to decide the position they want to remain in and which one to let go, revealed Vice President and Minister of Justice J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior.

“Attorney General and Director of Public Safety had already addressed the issue.  After speaking with affected officers under the Bureau of Public Safety, the resolution is, by December of this year, they will have made a choice whether to remain as police officers or to become legislators.  The choice is to be one or the other.  They cannot continue to be both officers and legislators,” reported Vice President Senior.

Last month, BPS Director Aguon had informed law enforcement officers in a memorandum that they are prohibited from holding public office while officers according to BPS Rules & Regulations.

BPS Director Aguon, in consultation with Attorney General Rengiil, had given the six officers, Chief Jefferson Eriich of Department of Fire & Rescue (DFR), Lt. Lee Pedro (Patrol), Sgt. Billy Rekemel (Patrol), Det. Sgt. Miwa Nabeyama, Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NEA), FF Bow Umedib (FDR) and FF Maximo Marcello (DFR) options.

This week, Vice President Senior confirmed that the officers have until December to make their decisions whether to remain as officers or to become full time legislators.

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