By: Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

Koror legislature did not pass the state’s supplemental budget in honor of governor Gibbons’ request.

In June 2 this year, Gibbons sent to legislature a supplemental budget proposal requesting 70,000 dollars for Belau games, $20,000 for cost of constitutional day activities, and $23,000 to cover the cost of salary and contributions of employees of the governor’s legal department.

Previous reports said that Koror State Legislature had not passed the requested supplemental budget to cover the expenses of the Belau Games.

According to Ways & Means Chairman legislator Tellames, they were asked by Governor Gibbons to hold off on passing the supplemental budget.  “We were requested by the governor to hold it off so that is what we are doing”.  Tellames further stated, “We’re holding it off until such time we receive communications from the governor to entertain the supplemental budget”.

In a phone interview, Chief of Staff (COS) Joleen Ngoriakl confirmed “the governor did ask the legislature through speaker to hold off the supplemental budget.” Ngoriakl explained that Koror State in fact spent less than what was requested, therefore Gibbons asked the legislature to hold off the supplemental budget. The governor is planning to provide the legislature with the numbers of what was spent for Belau games which is less that what was intended so the legislature can authorize and appropriate just that less amount.

Ngoriakl further said that as part of the supplemental budget, although the funds requested for employee salaries will remain, the governor had decided not request the $20,000 for constitutional day activities considering the financial situation the state is in.

According to Gibbons letter dated 2nd of June, $70,000 was requested for Belau games in addition to the $20,000 that was given to all 16 states by the national government. This amounted to 90,000 dollars expected to cover team Koror’s expenses during the Belau games. The expenses were less than 90,000 dollars; much lower compared to the $104,192.70 that was spent for team Koror out of the it’s $120,000 allocated budget to last Belau games 2 years ago.

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