By: L.N. Reklai

August 31, 2016 ( Koror)  Sharply dressed officers from the Bureau of Public Safety and the cadets from the Police Academy, stood proudly for their annual inspection exercise yesterday.

The annual inspection is done to ensure officers are in fit conditions, their uniforms and presentations are in compliance with standards the police officers are expected to follow.


Retired Police Officer Theodore Subris remarked that these were few officers that provide safety and peace of mind for many of us.  He prayed for their families and recognized the sacrifice and hard work of the officers.  “This is a difficult work and many times officers are recipients of negative comments from the public but in reality, many of them sacrifice their lives and their families in order to provide us with security and peace of mind.”

Vice President and Minister of Justice Antonio Bells echoed the sentiments, stating that he was very proud of the work that they are doing.

The police officers present were from the Bureau of Public Safety’s Division of Patrol, Division of Corrections, Crime Investigation Division and Narcotics.

Cadets from the recently concluded police academy were mostly rangers from State governments and Protected Areas Network programs. [/restrict]