Results of last Friday’s special elections for Aimeliik, Hatohobei, Kayangel, and Ngarchelong states were certified by the Palau Election Commission as official yesterday.

Lucio Oisebokel Obakerbau with 120 votes out of the total vote cast of 273, was certified the winner in the special election to fill an At-Large legislature seat in the Aimeliik State Legislature.  Obakerbau edged out 3 other contenders for the single vacancy in the state legislature.  The position became vacant when Chief of Department of Fire & Rescue under the Bureau of Public Safety, Jefferson Eriich who also served as legislator and speaker of Aimeliik Legislature, resigned following BPS Regulations.

Elmis Ruluked of Kayangel State was also certified as the winner of the Kayangel State special election with 115 votes or 40% of the total votes cast of 177.  He too ran to fill a position vacated by Officer Scott Chiokai of the Maritime and Fish & Wildlife of the Bureau of Public Safety.  He also resigned from the legislature in compliance with BPS Regulations.

PEC also certified Paul Homar of Hatohobei State as the winner of the election to fill the vacancy of an At-Large Legislator in the Hatohobei Legislature.  The position was also vacated by FF Bow Umedib of the Division of Fire & Rescue.

Daniel Aquon of Ngarchelong State won the seat of Legislator-Assemblymen of Ngebei hamlet of Ngarchelong winning 33% of the total votes cast.

The legislator-elects will take their seats in their respective legislatures after receiving their oaths of office to fulfill the remaining terms of their predecessors. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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