A turnover ceremony was held yesterday at the Ngara-Amayong Cultural Center, marking the end of the Civic Action Team 133-30’s tour of service in Palau and welcoming the new team to continue the charge under the Compact of Free Association between Palau and the United States.

Under the Compact of Free Association, Section 104 (a) states, “In recognition of the special development needs of Palau…, the United States shall make available United States military Civic Action Teams for use in Palau…under terms and conditions mutually agreed upon by the government of the United States and the Government of Palau…”

As such, for nearly 50 years, Palau has been receiving every six months from the US military, a Civic Action Team, to assist Palau with its many development needs.  The assistance has ranged over the years from public infrastructure development to medical assistance to technical training, disaster support and recovery efforts, and numerous community-based assistance programs.

This latest CAT 133-30 added to their regular fare of programs, COVID-19 recovery and support assistance to Palau’s Ministry of Health, and taro patch revival by restoring traditional water sources.

President  Whipps’ Chief of Staff Landisang Kotaro, in her remarks on behalf of President Whipps said that the Civic Action Team is a common household name in Palau and synonymous with community service.

The CAT 133-30, during the short time they’ve been in Palau, had accomplished much through community networking and partnerships with local governments, local groups, individuals, and international partners within Palau.

The turnover went smoothly, with the new CAT team expressing motivation and excitement to take on the new responsibilities and challenges. 

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