After a brief hiatus, President Whipps Jr. is nominating new people to fill vacancies or replace current personnel.

Former Speaker of Airai State David Orrukem has been nominated by President Surangel Whipps Jr. for the post of Palau’s Ambassador to the Republic of China, Taiwan.  If confirmed by the Senate, Orrukem will replace Ambassador Dilmei Olkeriil who has been serving as Palau’s Ambassador to Taiwan since 2014.

Mr. Orrukem comes highly recommended by President Whipps and has an extensive background and resume to back up the recommendation.

Orrukem holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration with a minor in Economics.  He also holds an Associate Degree in Business Management and certificates in various diplomatic training.

His work experiences are vastly varied and included being a member of the Airai legislature for 20 years, serving as Director of the Bureau of Marine Resources, serving as Senior Compliance Officer establishing the new Bureau of Tourism under the former Ministry of Resource, Environment, and Tourism, serving as Principal of Airai Elementary School and serving as the Charge’d Affairs at the Palau Embassy to the United States of America.

Palau Visitors Authority Board (PVA)that have had only 2 board members since January had two new nominees’ names submitted to the Senate, Jennifer Olgeriil, the Director of Koror State Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement, and Jackson Doktok of Ngchesar State, the current member of Ngchesar State Council with extensive experience in the tourism industry.

If Olgeriil and Doktok are confirmed, they will join Minister Ngirai Tmetuchl and Alan Marbou on the PVA Board.  With four out of seven members present, PVA will have a quorum to conduct business.  President Whipps had earlier expressed the need to streamline the government boards by incorporating them into the ministries citing the PVA Board as an example of such a Board. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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