The funeral and Cheldecheduch (settling of the will) of former First Lady Elong Nakamura held this weekend, set a new record in Palau for the amount of money collected for such customary events – a combined total of $353,000, plus 5 Palauan money and 315 toluk (turtle shells, Palau’s traditional money).

Cheldecheduch for the former First Lady was held the day before the funeral and garnered $143,000 USD plus 140 toluk and 5 palauan monies.  Funeral which was held on Saturday, collected $209,000 USD with 174 toluk.

The funeral was held at former President Nakamura’s residence in Madalaii and was jammed packed.  Both sides of the street including parking lot in Meda-loop were packed with people.

Former First Lady Elong Nakamura was honored by a Presidential Proclamation with flags at half-mast for a week, first such proclamation for former First Lady.

In the proclamation she was recognized for her contribution to promoting Palauan family values.  She was a savvy politician of her own right and was attributed the success of her husband former President Kuniwo Nakamura’s long successful public service.

The record setting funeral and Cheldecheduch events were credited to her countless contributions and support to her relatives and to the community, according to recounts of relatives.