Palau Archery Association held the 1st ranking round of 36 arrows at the Airai Elementary School field this past Sunday, 21 Nov 2021 that will lead to the last event of 2021 at Melekeok, hosted by Melekeok Archery. We had 36 Archers register and 29 who shot their 36 arrows. Mr. Tkakl Mekreos of Melekeok had the highest score of 267 out of 360 total points.

Palau Archery will have its 2nd and final ranking round on Friday, 26 Nov again at Airai Elementary School from 9am to 5pm. Then the ranking will setup the Match Play for the Event in Melekeok on Saturday, 27 Nov 2021 from 9am to 5pm. Match play is a match between two Archers where the winner will go to next round and the loser is done for the event.

Palau Archery Association would like to thank Airai Elementary School principal Norma Mersai for allowing us to use the field for the ranking events and other training throughout 2021. Finally, if you have any question just email us at: or text us at 775-5433.

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