November 24, 2021– On Thursday, November 18th, the Palau NOC and members national sports federations held the Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting at Ming’s Hall, Palasia Hotel.  The annual general meeting agenda covered presentation of activities of the 2020 to 2021 sports programs, including Belau National Games 2021, Belau Games Health Survey outcome by the MOH, reports of the NOC Commissions on Medical, Education, Women and Sports and Athletes. 

  Other reports for approval at the AGM presented were audit reports for 2020 programs, 2021 financial status and 2022 proposed budget for sports programs and related activities. Updates on upcoming games were presented as well for 2022 Pacific Mini Games in Saipan, and the delayed to 2023 Micronesian Games in RMI, and 2023 Pacific Games in Solomon Islands and updates proposal for Palau 2025 Pacific Min Games.    For this year AGM the elections of the new board was held and the new board members for the Palau NOC 2021-2024 are Frank Kyota President, Temmy Shmull, Vice President, Secretary Z. Kulie Rengulbai, Treasurer Judy Otto, board members Ernestine Rengiil, Alonz Moses and Hila Asanuma.  The board members were nominated from the respective National Sports Federations and elected at the Annual membership meeting

.  The NOC board also have an athlete representative who will be selected the Athletes Commission to the board.  The national Olympic committee and national sports federations extends appreciation to all representatives of sports for attending the annual meetings and congratulate the NOC board members as we plan ahead for sports in the lead up to 2025 when Palau host the Mini Pacific Games. 

The Palau NOC wishes all NF’s and partners a Happy Thanksgiving families and friends.  Thank you!

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