“To independence, freedom, and democracy! To thriving new normal, to peace, love, and unity! And to another 27 years of prosperity and peace!”, cheered President Whipps Jr. during the opening of dinner reception of the 28th Independence Day celebration with Mechesil Belau and guests last night .Last night, the 28th Mechesil Belau Conference farewell dinner party became the welcoming dinner reception to the 27th Independence Day event.

President Whipps in his remarks recognized the blessing of independence that Palau enjoys.  “We are fortunate to be independent.  We have a voice in the UN.  Even today, some do not have the same opportunity to have their voices heard.”

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Palau did receive dignitaries and guests from abroad that came to join Palau’s Independent Day celebration.  France Ambassador to the Philippines and accredited to Palau, Her Excellency Michelle Boccoz with her delegation, Mr. Carl Gutirrez, former Governor of Guam and CEO of Guam’s Visitors Bureau, his wife and delegation also came to join Palau’s celebration.

The full-day celebration begins today at Koror State side of Japan-Palau Bridge (KB Bridge) and other activities will be held at Airai side. (

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