On Monday, June 22, 2020,an orientation was held for the youth who chose to work under PNOC as part of the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs Competence Skill Learning Summer Employment Program(CSLSE). A total of 101 young adults gathered at the Palau Track and Field that morning. On the following day, June 23, 2020, a program was held at the Palau Track and Field in celebration of Olympic Day.

On this day, people around the world celebrate this dayby bringing out the best in themselves through sports and good health.It commemorates a special moment in the history of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which was founded in Paris, 1984. The youth that participated were divided into five teams that represented the five Olympic rings (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and Black).

The teams also represented PNOC’s five core values: Respect, Integrity, Unity, Pride, and Commitment. They competed in various field games and relay races throughout the day. The main purpose of this celebration is also to stay active, stay healthy, stay strong and most important thing is to have. At the end of the day, Team Red was crowned as the Champion while Team Green came in second, Team Blue in third, Team Yellow in fourth, and Black finishing in last.

For more updated news and event please follow us on our Facebook page at Palau National Olympic Committee or for more information call us +680 488 4491 or via email at pnoc@palaunet.com. Story By: Palau Volleyball Federation Media (Bars Williams, Yangi Senior, and Elias Melairei)


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