World Health Organization (WHO) and US Center for Disease Control (CDC) have expressed interest to use Palau’s established COVID-19 system or protocol for Infectious Disease Control as a successful model for managing the risk of COVID-19 virus according to Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts.
Palau’s close proximity to Asia with frequent and direct flights from China, Korea, Japan, Philippines and other Asian countries to Palau, made it one of the more vulnerable countries at risk of COVID-19 virus when reports of virus first came out.
The actions and the system Palau put in place immediately upon the report of COVID-19 virus, have kept Palau COVID-free until today according to Dr. Roberts.
WHO and CDC have agreed that the system that Palau has in place works. “It is more strict but it works,” added Dr. Roberts. With all the upcoming plans involving travel such as essential service providers and Our Oceans Conference, Dr. Roberts urged that the plans continue while ensuring that the safety system remains in place to minimize risk of exposure for Palau.

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