Health Care Coalition is launching an Chelitakl and Chesols completion. People who are interested in joining can pick up application forms at Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs in Koror and have until September 20th to submit the application form.
This is in observance of National Preparedness Month in Palau and through this competition, Health Care Coalition aims to promote community awareness, preparedness, and prevention in response to disasters, emergencies, and pandemics.
With COVID-19 impacting Palau enormously, the main focus of the competition revolves around promoting preventative measures against COVID-19.
Participants must be Palau residents. Chelitakl competition is open to 18 to 40 years old. While the Chesols competition is open to people who are 41 years old or older.
Entries must be original work, must be related to prevention of COVID-19, and should not contain obscene, inappropriate, or defamatory lyrics.
Entries can be submitted either as an mp3 file, video, or as lyrics with interpretation for chesols. They can then be submitted to either Hera Subediang or Miriam Rengulbai through email.
If unable to send through email, participants can call Hera Subediang or Miriam Rengulbai for other arrangements.

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