Palau can benefit from Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia’s digital platform to support Pacific-based tourism operators with digital marketing activities.
In a press release, PTI Australia said the “Learning Hub” which was launched on Wednesday, is an online “learning resource to help guide tourism providers through the Hotel Link platform and increase the capability of tourism operators in the Pacific on how to use other digital marketing streams to support businesses growth.” Cath Cooksley-Little, General Manager of Marketing, Communications and Tourism of PTI Australia said in the email that the hub would be helpful to the tourism operators in Palau.
“Palau can definitely benefit, what we have noticed is that many tourism operators have gone into hibernation, what the learning hub provides is an easy way for tourism operators to brush up on and deepen the skills they have learned through the workshops,” she said.
She added,, “especially as many skills when not used regularly it can be easy to forget. The learning hub will allow Palau tourism operators when they come out of hibernation and easy guides to ensure that they can quickly and effectively get up to speed again and implement strategies to support their businesses.”
The Learning Hub complements PTI Australia’s Digital Tourism Workshops that have been delivered virtually across the Pacific region and provides a wealth of information in the form of videos and written tutorials on how to perform a range of digital marketing tasks, including website updates, Online Travel Agent (OTA) channel integration, search marketing and content creation.
Ms. Cooksley-Little said PTI Australia has run the Digital Tourism workshop in Pala on May 14 in partnership with SBDC Palau.
“With the learning hub just launching, we will be following up with those that had been involved in our Digital Tourism programs and workshops in the past.”
During the hub’s launch, OnorinaFugawai, Project Officer – Tourism, PTI Australia said the hub will continue to provide tangible support for tourism operators in the Pacific amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
“COVID-19 has forced many operators to reassess their current tools and platforms, at PTI Australia we have adapted our program to meet the changing need of tourism operators – adapting the content of our workshops and taking them online and now we are proud to have developed our Learning Hub, to further support tourism operators,” commented Onorina.
PTI Australia’s Learning Hub can be accessed at (B. Carreon)

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