Palau is immediately getting help from two international organizations in its clean energy efforts.

Following the three-day Energy Summit last week, Palau signed a partnership with EarthX and Grid Market, two organizations that will help the country transititon to cleaner energy by 2025.


Earthx is a   nonprofit organization that promotes a positive impact on the environment through education, events and curating a public platform for sustainable thought leadership.

Founded in 2011 by philanthropist Trammell S. Crow, the organization  brings together community, business, policy, education and technology innovation to help create a greener future

In the partnership, Palau will be showcased at the next year’s EarthX event. Earthx hosts annual clean energy conferences in Texas.

GridMarket meanwhile will help Palau come up with development strategies to boost its renewables potentials.

“The nation of Palau and the GridMarket and Earthx partnership  will work closely to identify, promote and deploy technologies and policies that will achieve and exceed Palau’s goals, while providing cost-effective, resilient, and time sensitive solutions to the country and citizens of Palau,” the partnership stated.

To boost Palau’s shift towards use of cleaner energy, the three day Palau Energy Summit concluded with a draft action plan that supports the country’s carbon-reduction goals. [/restrict]