The Senate leadership has provided Senator J. Uduch Sengebau Senior records of off-island trips of all senators as requested but the woman senator is asking the Senate President to also provide trip reports of all senators that will detail how the trips were justified. [restrict]

Last month Senior challenged  Senate President Hokkons Baules   to print out and provide the  “all records of off-island trips of all senators of the Tenth Olbiil Era Kelulau.”

This challenge was made after Baules provided Tia Belau information of Senior’s off island travels and trip reports.

In her letter sent to Baules on Aug. 14, Senior requested that the trip reports provided to her should also be published in Tia Belau, “in the same detail as you reported  and explained each one of my off-island trips.”

In the same letter, Senior lauded Baules for ensuring transparency in the expenditure of public funds but she added that she will look forward to seeing the reports in the newspaper.

In Senior earlier request for reports of off-island trips, she cited the  Open Government Act.

The Open Government Act states  “all meetings of a governing body shall be open and public.”

Senior said Baules should follow what he preaches and also reveal the travel records of all senators. [/RESTRICT]