Palau gained $19 million dollars-worth of infrastructure improvements as result of winning the bid to host Our Oceans 2020.
The improvements include renovations of the old OEK, renovations PCC classrooms and cafeteria, Ernguul Park, Palau National Gym, Asahi Ballfields, vehicles and others including technical equipment and support.
“Palau is maybe the first country to win the bid to host this international event despite having no facility capacity to do so. Everyone knew that Palau can’t host the event unless everyone pitch in to help. And the reason they chose Palau was because they can see the beauty of Palau and also can see all the things that Palau has done showing that we really care about our oceans, and therefore, appropriate place to host Our Oceans Conference,” stated President Tommy E. Remengesau.
Remengesau cited PAN Act, Shark Sanctuary Act, Micronesia Challenge, Safe Sunscreen Act, Single Use Plastic ban and PNMS Act, as some of the key policies Palau had made which showed Palau as leader in ocean conservation.
Meanwhile, because of COVId-19 pandemic, few people from outside are expected to make it to the conference and work is ongoing to make it a hybrid event, both in-person and virtual.
“We are fortunate to have on island technical experts who are now setting up the venues for virtual conference. We are talking with our COVID-free neighbors to have them participate in person as well,” expressed Minister Umiich Sengebau, Chairman of the Our Oceans 2020 Conference.
Palau, according to Minister Umiich, not only gained $19 million worth of infrastructure improvements, the construction works to repair and improve the facilities provided income to companies and jobs for the people during this pandemic.

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