Palau received doses of Covid-19 antibody treatment in November, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)’ distribution list showed.
Antibody treatment medicine is for treatment of COVID-19 patients.
In a press release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Nov. 9, the agency said that it has issued an emergency authorization for the use of bamlanivimab for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adult and pediatric patients.
“While the safety and effectiveness of this investigational therapy continues to be evaluated, bamlanivimab was shown in clinical trials to reduce COVID-19-related hospitalization or emergency room visits in patients at high risk for disease progression within 28 days after treatment when compared to placebo.”
According to the distribution list, Palau has been allocated 10 doses with other jurisdictions such as Puerto Rico with 1,020. The CNMI has been allocated 20; American Samoa, 10; U.S. Virgin Islands, 30; the Federated States of Micronesia, 10; and Marshall Islands, 10.
According to the HHS distribution list, the distribution of the doses was made in the week of Nov. 9 to 17.
FDA said that the Bamlanivimab is authorized for patients with COVID-19 positive results who are 12 years of age and older weighing at least 40 kilograms (about 88 pounds), and who are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 and/or hospitalization.
The treatment can also be administered to those who are 65 years of age or older, or who have certain chronic medical conditions.
Palau is one of the few nations in the world that is COVID-free but because of its relationship with the US under the Compact Agreement, it is also going to have access to an early batch of COVID-19 vaccines produced by American pharmaceutical companies. (B. Carreon)

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