The Palau government is asking the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for help reviewing its employment and compensation system and developing policies to keep employees.

A presidential directive says the government is concerned about the high number of people leaving the country, especially government employees.

“The Republic is deeply concerned about the high levels of net emigration, which directly impacts the government staffing for qualified individuals providing essential government services.”

The directive creates an Employment and Compensation Committee (ECC) to keep “efficient and cohesive government public service systems” and to make recommendations to the government on compensation policies.

Sources say the government lost more than 50 employees in 2022, with even higher numbers in 2021. The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education have reported many resignations and retirements.

With more employees leaving and fewer coming in, the government is now forced to seek outside help in assessing and providing recommendations on compensation and retaining of employees. 

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