PAWS’ VIPs (Very Important Pets), Milkok and Etau, were the 1000th and 1001st spay-neuter clients in the campaign to spay-neuter 70% of Palau’s dogs and cats. Here they wait for their turn in surgery during the Spay-Neuter clinic in Meyuns on September 1st.

On Thursday, September 1, the Palau Animal Welfare Society (better known as PAWS) reached an important milestone in the campaign to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Palau through spay and neuter surgeries. On this date, PAWS performed the 1,000th spay and neuter surgery since the launch of the campaign on September 7, 2021. The surgery was performed at the Meyuns outreach clinic organized by Legislator Edwenor Sadang and conducted jointly by PAWS and the Koror State Animal Shelter.

Spay and neuter is a simple surgery that prevents pets from reproducing. Spay-neuter of 1000 animals during the Year One of the campaign has prevented at least 9,000 births during this first year alone. Working with many partners, PAWS aims to spay and neuter at least 70% of Palau’s dogs and cats reducing overpopulation while also improving the health of pets, people, and community – A ULEKEREUIL A CHARM A ULEKERREUIL A BELUAD !

To schedule your pet for surgery or to request a clinic to be held in your state, hamlet, or neighborhood, call 775-PAWS (7297). Spay and neuter is the very best thing you can do for your pets!

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