Eric Reklai leads the Aimeliik -Imul hamlet’s special election by 13 votes, according to the unofficial results of the election held last Friday, September 2nd.

Eric Reklai led Laiter Dolmers after the proper and central votes were tallied.  Absentee ballots are expected on Tuesday.  Imul hamlet has 217 registered voters.  Little over half of the registered voters reside outside of Palau.  

During the last Aimeliik General Election of 2020, a total of 123 votes were cast from the central and proper voting booths.  In this special election, only 63 votes were cast, or 51% of the votes cast during the 2020 election.

Final standing between the two candidates will be known after the absentee counts.  The special election was held to find a replacement of the Legislator of Imul hamlet of Aimeliik State, filling up the vacancy created by the untimely passing of the former legislator Techur Jason Timulch.

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