Palau seeks to participate in the first ever Y-Innovator Challenge co-hosted by UNICEF Hong Kong and UNICEF Pacific.

Split into a 2-day boot camp, the Y-Innovator Challenge seeks to bring youth around Hong Kong and the Pacific online to co-create innovative solutions centering around the theme of Child Online Protection in the Pacific Islands.

After the Y-Innovator Challenge’s conclusion, they will hope to find a tool that will help children report on anything bad they see online, allows them to tell someone they trust when they do not feel safe online, ensure that children are aware of the risks of engaging in certain actions online as well as promoting benefits along with opportunities that offers while online, and to promote peer support from classmates and friends when risky situations come up.

There have been researches that indicate when children have unwanted sexual contact online, it is more often from an adult or another young person their age who is known to them rather than a stranger.

In Palau, one in three children in 2020 had experiences online that upset them that they did not want to share with anyone including their friends. Four out of four had encountered sexual images over their social media accounts in the past year.

Additionally, one in five had been asking specifically for photos or videos of themselves when they did not want to send them. One in five reported that they had received a sexual image or video of someone else known to them, when they did not want to.

The online boot camp is set to take place on October 31st and November 1st. A person must be 18 to 24 years old and must submit an application by October 21st. Loma Ngemaes who works as the National Child Protection Coordinator can be contacted at 488-2575 for more information.

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